It’s a sad thing that today not a lot of people know what is the differences between flyer and brochures, both of them are supposed to be used for different marketing strategies so the design components should be differentiated for those two. However some designers especially beginners fail to acknowledge those and don’t really succeed to keep them unique, as they were intended to. Fortunately, we realised the problem you face regularly and have brought you a detailed guide on major differentiating factors between flyers and brochures.

What are the differences between flyer and brochure

We will discuss what are the major differences between flyer and brochure based on two things how they look and where they are used.

Differences between flyer and brochure based of how they look and feel


The first difference between flyer and brochure is flyer is single sheet paper carrying the brand identity with normally so many eye-catching and brighter colours. They are similar to the leaflet but a cheaper quality they are built to distribute in numbers and they are so cheap to print its the reason why quality is not considered too much while printing these flyers.

Another difference between flyers and brochures is flyers don’t have printing on the other side, sometimes they do but most of the time they don’t, for cost-cutting.

Flyers are made to be easier to handle in large numbers so they are almost A4 size though they can be found in any other size A4 is the most common one leaflets are designed in reference to a palm of an adult hand, for the ease of handling and distribution.

A flyer is typically written to deliver short, sweet and crisp messages in the simplest way possible, In a leaflet, you will see too much use of power words, numbers and bright colours surrounding the product image, most of the time using zoom lense.

differences between flyer and brochure

The brochure has multiple Foulds with a little less bright colours and thicker paper than flyers, The Quality here is maintained to the fullest it’s not that eye-catching it’s rather pleasing to the eyes to make the reader spend more time checking it. They are a little more expensive in comparison to flyers, they can be compared to magazines but without bindings. they are built to give when people ask for them and when they already know about your business.

Almost every good brochure consist of printing on both sides one of the reasons for it is to give more information easily and to save money as it’s printed on more expensive papers. More information also helps better conversions, once they have already known about your business from taking your flyers.

The brochure has varied sizes and sometimes more than a single page but no brochures have bindings which would make them a booklet or a magazine the Foulds give it a 3d look that makes people interested in them and also helps to keep in the stand at an easily visible place like a corner of a table

Brochures consist of medium to long detailed descriptions, Sometimes brochures are also called pamphlets. The copywriting format is also sophisticated here. As it was created to turn people into customers people like to read this and marketers also like this because it’s not thrown away that easily like flyers.

differences between flyer and brochure

Differences between flyer and brochure based on how they are used


Flyers are most often are distributed by hand, but sometimes they may also be mailed. When talking about marketing using flyers, it is considered a numbers game, the more people receive the flyers the better results it can bring its a type of shotgun approach.

Being printed on relatively low-quality material, they have a shorter lifespan. They are often distributed freely for short-term promotion like for special offers in a restaurant, event announcements, notification of openings, distributing fact sheets, etc. Also, most of the time flyers are a copy or a reference of the contents brochure. It is given to people to know about your business.


Brochures are distributed in hand and they are made to be handheld. They also come with a light moisture-resistant coating and they are printed on relatively durable paper.

Brochures are not generally not distributed that freely and it’s given only when clients ask for them. For example, it’s given once they have come into your business and have shown interest in using your product or service. It makes them even more convinced and certain about using your business.

Brochures are used for giving follow-ups for business promotions when business owners are trying to close their deals and reference materials for customers and employees to remember something.

Which is better between flyer and brochure

There are more differences between flyer and brochure but the above are the major ones if we try to choose one between these two, even though they have different purposes, Brochures are relatively better because it can hold peoples attention for longer time