Still to this date flyers are one of the cheapest yet effective ways for marketing through the mail, or by doing anything else, like handing them out in your store or neighborhood, or posting them at events or around town. The modern colorful flyers are lightweight, compact, and portable it so easily attracts attention. Yet most people fail to use its true strength. And their prospects end up throwing away the flyer. The following guide will help you Put all your design and print elements together properly in the correct way to create a powerful marketing tool for your next advertising campaign.

Make and outline

how to design flyers

For the first step, you need to ask yourself who are your target audience and what purpose of flyers that you will make. That means whether you want more customers to come to your business, or you want people to know about your business or bring more people to a certain event or bring new people to your business, you have decided that at first even before it’s even in it designing phase.

Your flyers need to have your brand voice

The voice of your flyers needs to resemble the brand voice and which should ve according to your target audience. The correct tone or pitch might be a little harder to find at first but you will find it with time. Moreover, it needs creative ways to attract customers. Brightly show why people should choose you, You can add your customer rating for that.

Start of the designing part

Avoid cramming too much information onto one small flyer. You can do so by either eliminating unnecessary words and images or by selecting a larger paper size. Flyer printing sizes include 8.5×11, 8.5×14, and 11×17.

You can also choose the Foulds between Tri-Fold, Z Fold, Half Fold, Gate Fold, or a Custom Fold. You can also choose between gloss or matt finish.

how to design flyers

Choose the things you want

In this step, you will have to choose what you want to include and what you want to exclude from your flyer. For example, you will have to choose,

  • What colour you want to choose
  • What brand identity elements you need
  • The images graphics or vector you will include
  • What kind ok copywriting it will have
  • What call to Action it will have, its a quite detailed and complicated topic so we have a more detailed article on that make sure you go through it once.
  • How it will be distributed.

Start designing with

how to design flyers

Find other flyers for inspiration

Look for what your competitors are doing to get inspired it will also help you understand what your target audience wants. It will help you a lot to understand how to make a flyer and what should be its possible look.

Choose the right artist

Now, when you have your concept go to artists and tell them what you want you should note what you want to you won’t forget anything. From the artists, you get what you pay for. Remember if you don’t really feel you are getting ripped of you should not negotiate too much.

Select the final design

After the designer brings one or two final pics. You have to take the decision and choose the correct one. Which you feel expresses your brand image the most what about the messages, what about the pictures, choose it according to what you asked for.


Once you have the design don’t forget to proofread as many people get lost in the colors and forget to do that and NO MATTER how good your flyer is if it is not spelling mistake-free people won’t take you seriously. You may also lose reputation.

Make sure you have all the files

Once you have everything ask the designer about the softcopy or the files about the design. Make sure it’s a high-quality version.

Distribute your design

how to design flyers

Find a printer

You can either go for a high-quality digital printer which is quicker but pricy or cheaper alternatives. Obviously, printing in bulk amounts coats less. Se you recommend you to do that printing in bulk. Location is also a main deciding factor.

Choose the quality of the paper

Do you want it in matt or gloss? What foods do you want? Do you need a postcard-like-looking flyer or you are happy with a flimsy one? Here might be a little compromise based on your budget. Check some copy pages if you need to.

Choose the method of distribution

for the last step, you will have to distribute the flyers you printed you can choose a digital of physical form for distributing.

how to design flyers


you just finished our ultimate guide on how to design your flyer we also have an extensive guide on what you should include in it. Dont forget to check that. Hope we could help you have a great day.