Canvas Prints

Print your photo on a canvas with amazing quality

Canvas Prints

Print your photo on canvas in high print quality with vibrant colors. We use a state‐of‐the‐art printer to turn your images into canvas prints at Uxbridge printers. Our quality canvas has been tested and approved for picture printing on canvas. This photo canvas was created to print the most vivid images which can be printed in A4 to A0 sizes as well as any custom size.

High Quality Canvas 

The most popular canvas material on the market. Usually available as economy 450g laminated banner material or 450-510g premium PVC coated material with B1 fire resistant certificate.

Long Lasting Colors

For canvas printing use high quality colors that last long.
UxBridge use colors which don’t fade with time and keeps shining and looks new whenever you see them.

Glossy & Matte finish

Choose your color finishing according to your need and location.
Glossy finish will reflect light which leaves shiny effect on canvas , other hand the matte finish will absorb most of the lights and don’t let them reflect.