Correx Display Boards

Colorful Exhibition Popups

Correx Display Boards

Here at Uxbridge, we understand the difficulty of transporting and assembling an ad exhibition stall or ad placards. Not to mention all other conventional methods of advertisement boards get wasted once they are printed putting a harsh impact on the environment. We are here to fix that problem for you. We offer correct display boards to help you fulfill your marketing efforts easily.

These correct display boards offer premium looks at an affordable price. Correx boards are waterproof, recyclable, reusable, and most importantly super easy to install. Correx display offers stunning looks and feels over your competitors who are using more conventional methods.

Stunning Print Quality

Uxbridge uses printers which are the very latest technology based on years of experience from HP. The result is vibrant colors and sharper print quality than conventional printers. Latex inks are not only environmentally friendly but are also odorless.

The advanced ink technology gives glossier prints with increased scratch resistance. With a rapid print speed of 100m2 an hour, we offer fast turnarounds and can cope with large orders at unbeatable prices. We are sure you will love the high quality of print we supply.

Correx Display Boards
Correx Display Boards in London

High Precision Cutting

We use the latest computer-controlled cutting hardware to ensure that our Correx signs are the exact size you require with perfectly smooth edges. The reason we use a computer-controlled cutter is that hand-cutting Correx can result in mistakes such as rough edges and inconsistent shapes and sizes

Eco-Friendly Signage

The water-based latex inks are also weatherproof, which means they are designed to be used indoors and outdoors, offering a long-term print solution. The inks are also odorless, non-flammable, and non-combustible. Perfect for hospitals, offices, and schools as well.

Correx Display Boards at UxBridge


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Correx Display Boards are Recyclable

Correx display boards are made of polypropylene which means it gets the Number 5′ mark for recycling. This means 100% weatherproof and 100% recyclable.