Dibond Display Boards


DIBOND display boards are the aluminum composite sheet attached to both sides of the solid polyethylene core, Those two are around 0.3 mm thick aluminum cover layers that completely cover both sides of the polyethylene core only the sides are left out. They are lightweight – extremely rigid and strong, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

DIBOND is used predominately in the areas of signage, product, and furniture design, shopfitting, interior design, shop design as well as trade fair and exhibition design. DIBOND is the perfect material for producing creative ideas due to its wide range of high-quality surfaces, easy processing, and durability. They also provide a more premium and appealing look over the conventional ways of advertising and more successful customer communication.

High-Quality Aluminum Sheet

Here at Uxbridge, we offer high-quality aluminum for Dibond boards is a composite aluminum sheet. It is made up of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. Dibond is extremely durable, windproof, and weatherproof, making it excellent for shop and fascia signage, events, and exhibitions.

Being made of aluminum they look and feel premium. Improving the brand image so it’s even better from the branding point of view. They also won’t get fade with time.

  • 3mm in thickness.
  • Waterproof and colorfast.
  • Weather-resistant and wind-resistant.
  • It is rust-free and fade-resistant.
  • Gloss Lamination is also available.
Dibond Display Boards
Dibond Display Boards at Uxbridge

Wide Color Range

DIBOND offers endless options for individual designs through creative color schemes. Our color span ranges from traditional to trendy. Our DIBOND standard colors are available in different surface combinations: mat/mat, gloss/mat, gloss/gloss.
Gardner Reflectivity: mat: 25 – 40%, gloss: approx. 85%.

  • Low gloss (> 10 GU)
  • high-gloss (> 80 GU)
  • Gardner Reflectivity: mat: 25 – 40%, gloss: approx. 85%

Large Collection

We have a large selection of Dibond Display Boards, ranging from traditional graphic panels to modern minimalistic-looking futuristic options, which are becoming more popular due to the portability of the Dibond Display Boards.

  • DIBOND metallics
  • DIBOND mirror
Dibond Display Boards