Electronic Devices

Electronic Devices

One of the most important parts of our lifestyle is electronic devices. In the past, it didn’t matter much but now they are almost an extent of our limbs. The purpose of a smartphone and headphones has become essential and much needed for maintaining a lifestyle. The thing here is even though they have become so much like our body parts but apart from putting on different cases we don’t put much effort into making them personalized as we do with phone covers. They live and die as generic items like they are built from factories. Here in Uxbridge as one of the leading printing services in UK with 15+ years of experience in printing electronic devices, we can help you customize them for you.

Power Banks

Power banks are a large nice touch surface battery with a capacity ranging from 4000upto 20000 mAh that can be used to safe charging of all USB devices, including smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras. 1 x Micro USB cable included. We can help you customize them with logos, emblems, and portraits to give it a more elegant and personal touch

  • Input: 220v AC
  • Output: DC 5V 1A
  • USB cable: yes
  • Measurements: 50x30x30 mm
  • Materials: ABS, metal


With up to 10 hours of battery life, Spring Wireless Headphones is perfect for every day. Enjoy ultra-clear and deep sound with Bluetooth® V5.0 wireless listening freedom.

The on-ear, cushioned ear cups are adjustable so you can customize your fit for all-day comfort. Fast charging gives hours of playback. This is one of the most vastly used electronic devices that needed to be customized we are always here to help you with that.

  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Materials: ABS, metal, plastic
  • Packing: elegant carton box
  • Printing: engraving


Bluetooth speaker with great 2 x 3W power and a range of up to 10 meters. Features a built-in 800 mAh lithium battery. Wide frequency response from 90 Hz to 20 KHz. The speaker also has a built-in microphone, which makes it possible to make telephone calls.

They would definitely look excellent when customized with a personalized style and You would look even greater while rocking those custom devices to home parties.

  • Materials: plastic, ABS, metal
  • Packaging: satin pouch + gift box
  • Marking: UV
  • Speaker driver: 35mm

Car Chargers

USB Car Charger Rubby (PC40)

The USB car charger will quickly charge your phone and other USB devices while driving the car. It has overload protection.

  • Input: DC12-24 V
  • Output: DC 5 V/1 A
  • Measurements: 80x37x27 mm
  • Materials: ABS+ polycarbonate

Desk Charger

Desk Charger Power Tower (PT50)

One of the most boring-looking yet most useful electronic devices we can help you make them interesting with your amazing personalized style. We offer Charging stations with 5 USB ports which will quickly charge up to 5 devices at a time. It is covered with a nice soft touch material. Black power cable included.

  • Input: AC100-240 V/1000 mA
  • Output: 5.0 V/5 A
  • Measurements: 79×65,7×112 mm
  • Materials: ABS, metal, plastic

Silent Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Saint-Tropez (WS04)

A Wall clock with a black anodized aluminum frame and a glass cover shield. The clocks are very esthetic and fit for both office and home interior. The clock is equipped with a silent quartz movement mechanism.

This wall clock in your office with your logo would be a great attention grabber and it will also make you look more professional. This is one of the most suitable electronic devices we recommend you customized but at the same time, it is also the most ignored gadget too.

  • 1x AA battery included.
  • Measurements: 258x258x45 mm
  • Materials: glass, anodized aluminum
  • Packing: elegant carton box
  • Printing: T

Whatever you want whenever you want we are here for you to make your electronic devices amazing. Let us handle your process for you. Contact us today and make your electronic devices amazing.