Foamex Display Boards

Foamex Display Boards

Foam board printing produces cost effective and user friendly signage that is ideal for trade show advertising, promotional events, POS signs and much more.This versatile and lightweight material is a superior quality PVC foam sheet that is easy to bend, cut and print. This flexibility makes foamex the savvy choice for flat applications, like displays and signage that can be used indoors and out. Foamex is rigid and dense, not soft and foamy as the name suggests . Because of its fine cell structure and smooth surface, it is an ideal material for the six colour digital printing process that uses eco-friendly UV inks. Foamex board printing results in professional quality signage with a laminated high gloss finish that makes for an eye catching display.

Foamex Signage

Foamex signs are available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses. Foamex signs are a cheap option for shop front signs and many outdoor signage applications, they are very durable and the material can easily be drilled, screwed or even nailed to a whole range of surfaces. On larger signs we do recommend fixing your foamex signs to a backboard like a sheet of plywood. Foamex signs are often used for exhibition signs and displays. Printed foamex has a waterproof finish.

Foamex Hoarding 

Printed hoarding construction boards are a great way to draw the eye; they are large, bright, and can be custom-designed for any advertising or display purpose. From use on building sites to use on housing developments, few marketing products make such an impressive impact as hoarding boards.

Colorful Foamex

Foamex sheets come not only in various thickness and sizes but also in a wide array of eye-grabbing colours, that give you the same amount of longevity, flexibility and durability albeit in various shades. Incredibly versatile and attention-catching there are a wide array of applications that can be found for Foamex sheets ranging from signage to creative projects, exhibitions etc.