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Hivis stands for High -Visibility-clothing they are protective clothing built with high-quality fluorescent materials sometimes with reflective tapes increasing further visibility. Our wide selection of personalized safety jackets will help you keep people safe in the dark. As well as an excellent approach to make your company’s logo visible to a big number of people. Our jackets, workwear, road safety jackets, polo shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are among our high-visibility clothing options.

Hivis Jackets

Safety is by far the most important but that does not mean it needs to ignore comfort and style and let’s be real if workers don’t have a good time waring those they will probably put it off. Making their visibility low puts them in danger.

Other Problems with high visibility jackets are they lose their visibility super quickly. Here in Uxbridge, we create safety jackets that are high quality with high visibility durable, and comfortable. One of the leading printing brands in the UK is also an expert in printing your brand image and identity into your reflective jackets. They can be worn over clothes as they are super comfortable

Hivis jackets

Hivis T-Shirt

These high-visibility t-shirts are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long warm summers. Our clothes are durable and made with keeping its practicality in mind They are washable and also built focusing fit and finishing in mind to avoid using cheap materials.

Hivis Vests

High visibility safety vests are another comparatively cheaper option over the previous two. Those can be worn over clothes and built with super breathable materials. Years of expertise help us print those with your clear brand image. Head over to Uxbridge to explore the latest collections of high visibility jackets now no know more and get special offers on bulk purchases.