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Best PVC Banners In Uxbridge

One of the most common uses of Polyvinyl Chloride in business advertisements today is in the making of billboard advertisements and banners. These advertisements can help any small business to scale itself over a larger area and bring about fast new customers in business with the increased number of clients. PVC, being an excellent, durable, and pliable plastic, is the perfect material to be used in advertisements that can withstand harsh weather conditions. We at Circle One provide you with high-grade PVC banners of multiple sizes, 

Frontlit Banner 

the most popular PVC banner material on the market. Usually available as economy 450g laminated banner material or 450-510g premium PVC coated material with B1 fire resistant certificate. Normally attached at a high place in front of bright lights.

PVC banner
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Mesh Banner

Perforated banner material made on the basis of polyester and PVC The material is lighter than the front-lit banner type therefore is an excellent tool for outdoor advertising on scaffolding of buildings. There is no limit of size because we can join material panels to get even very BIG size banner e.g. 20x10m.

Speaker Mesh Banner

large-holed PVC mesh that allows 70% air-flow through. Speaker Mesh is best suited for acoustical applications (over concert/event speakers), enormous images on building/stadium wraps or scaffolding. They are the most common type of baners